Updating The Firmware


The firmware of all new SBC65EC boards (Revision 2 boards programmed with a bootloader) can be updated with the Modtronix Network Bootloader, no PIC programmer is required! Simply: For details, see section below!

Updating the Firmware with the Modtronix Network Bootloader

The Modtronix Network Bootloader application is a user friendly program that is used to update the firmware on a Modtronix Ethernet enabled SBC board with bootloader. No PIC programmer is required. The SBC board used must have a bootloader installed on it. Such a board can be identified by a BLN Vm.nn label on the front of the board - normally stuck on the RTL8019AS 100 pin network chip. Where Vm.nn is the version number of the bootloader. The image below shows an example of the label on a board with a V1.00 bootloader.

Updating the firmware on a local target board

To update the firmware on a local board, follow the following steps:

Updating the firmware on a remote target board

The firmware can also be updated from a remote location, via the internet for example. For this to be possible, both the target board and Modtronix Network Bootloader should be connected to the same network or the internet. A way is needed to remotely reset the target device so it can enter bootloader mode for the configured time. The Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server has a reset button on the the password protected "System" page of its web interface. The user has to access this page and reset the target by clicking on this button. After resetting the target board, it will remain in bootloader mode for the configured time. The procedure for updating the firmware is:

Updating the firmware on a faulty board

To update the firmware via the Modtronix Network Bootloader the following must be true:

If for some reason, this EEPROM becomes corrupted, or the user does not know the IP address the device is configured for, the device can be powered up in Safemode. For details, see Safemode. When we start the SBC65EC in this mode, it will remain in bootloader mode until it has been programmed via the Modtronix Network Bootloader. We can also use any of the following IP addresses to access it:

The procedure for programming it via the bootloader will be the same as given above in the Updating the firmware on a local target board section.

Updating the Firmware with a PIC Programmer

Programming a board with bootloader might overwrite the bootlader! Only use the Modtronix Network Bootloader to update the firmware on a board with bootloader. Using a PIC programmer will overwrite the bootloader on the board! The bootloader is NOT made available for free, and can only be replaced by returning the board to Modtronix Engineering to have it re-programmed! Some of the older SBC65EC boards were not shipped with bootloaders. To update these boards with the latest firmware, a PIC programmer is required. For details see Programming Modtronix PIC based boards.
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