The bootloader consists out of two parts:

The SBC65EC board is programmed with a network bootloader for updating firmware. The bootloader is contained in the bottom 2K bootblock of the PIC microcontroller's FLASH memory. This bootblock is read and write protected. When powering up the SBC65EC board, the network bootloader program will be executed for a configured time (configured by value in EEPROM). During this time, it will look for connection messages received via UDP port 54211 from the Modtronix Network Bootloader Application. If found, the SBC65EC will remain in bootloader mode and wait for further instructions from the Modtronix Network Bootloader. If not found, it will jump to and start executing the user program.

The Modtronix Network Bootloader application is a user friendly program that is used to update the firmware on a Modtronix Ethernet enabled SBC board with bootloader. No PIC programmer is required. For details on the Modtronix Network Bootloader, see Updating the Firmware with the Modtronix Network Bootloader. It will connect with the bootloader present on the target board, program it and then reset it when done.

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