HTTP Compression
[HTTP Server]

The Modtronix TCP/IP stack supports Gzip HTTP compression. All common browsers support HTTP compression. By using this method, text, HTML and JavaScript files can be compressed. This dramatically reduces the amount of space required to store a Web page in the EEPROM or FLASH. Compressed files must be generated with the Modtronix Network Bootloader application, and have the "Compress" check box enabled for that file. This will create a File System Image with a flag set indicating to the Web Server that this is a compressed file. Currenly the following files can be comressed:

It is important to note that NO tag replacement will be done on the contents of compressed files. This means that any nxx tags contained in compressed files will not be parsed and replaced by the CGI server. This is because the file is stored in compressed format in the EEPROM or FLASH, and can not be parsed for % characters!

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