HTTP Server

Detailed Description

The HTTP Server included with the Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server is implemented as a cooperative task that co-exists with the Modtronix TCP/IP Stack and the userís main application. The Server itself is implemented in the source file "HTTP.c", with a user application implementing two callback functions.

The HTTP Server provided here does not implement all HTTP functionality. it is a minimal server targeted for embedded system. The user can easily add new functionality as required.

The HTTP Server incorporates these main features:

In order to integrate the HTTP Server into a user application, do the following (has already been done for the Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server):

It will also be necessary to generate any Web pages in advance and convert them into a compatible format for storage. For details on generating Web pages, see Updating The Web Pages.


For details on configuring this module, see Configuration section of http.h file.


file  cmd.h
file  http.h
 HTTP Module for Modtronix TCP/IP Stack.
file  httpexec.h
 HTTP Callbacks.


 File Types
 HTTP Compression
 HTTP Authentication
 HTTP Caching
 Dynamic Web Pages

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