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SBC83I US$54.95

SBC board with PIC18F87J11, 3.3V, 48MHz clock, 64KBit EEPROM, 4MByte Flash, 32KByte SRAM, RTC with SuperCap, dual 3.3V and 5V power supplies, 3 iMod Ports, heaps of user IO, Lead Free. Quantity discounts up to 30% available, for details click here.


The SBC83I is a Single Board Computer (SBC) assembled with the PIC18F87J11 Microcontroller from Microchip, running at 48MHz. It has been designed to very easily be expanded, and has two 24 pin daughter board connectors, two 14 pin IDC connectors, three iMod ports and one sMod port.

Modtronix provides many free example projects written in C. They are written for the free Microchip MPLAB IDE and MPLAB C18 C Compiler. We have also ported the Free Microchip TCP/IP stack to work with this board, for details, see our forum.

The Microcontroller has 128KBytes internal FLASH and 3936 Bytes of internal SRAM. Additionally this boards has a 32MBit (4MByte) external FLASH, a 32KByte external SRAM, a 64KBit external EEPROM and a RTC with a Super Capacitor as battery.

There are plenty of Digital Inputs, Digital Outputs, Analog Inputs, PWMs and more available via two daughter board connectors and two 14 pin IDC connectors. Prototype daughter boards that make the signals on the daughter board connector available on prototyping space are available here.

The SBC83I accepts a wide supply voltage from 4.5V to 30V (can be extended to 40V on request). It has a dual 3.3V and 5.0V power supply, making it easy to interface with both 3.3V and 5.0V devices. By default, the 5V supply is not used. If required (on daughter board for example), the supply voltage has to be from 7V to 30V. All chips on the board are 3.3V, but the microcontroller's I/O pins are 5.0V tolerant, allowing it to interface with 5.0V devices. The 3.3V power supply is a high quality 500mA DC/DC Converter from National Semiconductors, with shielded Inductor and surge protected capacitors. Input Capacitors are high quality, long life, surge protected types as recommended by National Semiconductors. A linear regulator is used for the 5.0V secondary supply.

This board is assembled with very high quality, brand name components! Our goal is for this board to work error free for many years. For this reason, we do not use cheap components, or stress components to the limit of their capability! The quality of assembly, and reliability of components used sets this board apart from similar competitor products!

For details on the PIC18F87J11, dowload it's datasheet from www.microchip.com.

Additional photos - click on image to enlarge!

Top View of SBC83I

Side View of SBC83I

Bottom View of SBC83I

Shows a SBC83I with 3 iMod Modules mounted, one with a RS-232 port, one with a RS-485 port and one with a 1-Wire interface.

Shows a SBC board with 3 iMod Modules (RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet), and a prototype board plug into it's daughter board connector.

Module Dimensions

  • Assembled with the Microchip PIC18F87J11 Microcontroller
  • 128KBytes internal FLASH memory for program and constant data
  • 48MHz Microcontroller Clock (12MHz crystal), with 12MIP Microcontroller execution speed
  • 3936 Bytes of internal SRAM
  • External 32MBit (4Mbytes) SPI FLASH
  • External 32Kbyte SPI SRAM
  • External 8Kbyte I2C EEPROM
  • External RTC with 0.33F Super Capacitor, keeps time for over 1 week without power
  • 2.5V 0.5% Accurate voltage reference for ADC converter
  • Very High quality assembly, with brand name, quality components. No cheap, “no name brand” components are used!
  • Primary 3.3V Switch Mode Regulator (National Semiconductors), with very high quality, brand name capacitors!
  • Secondary 5.0V Linear Regulator (Texas Instruments, ST or ON Semiconductors brand), with very high quality, brand name capacitors!
  • Filtered analog supply to CPU for accurate analog measurements
  • Three Presto iMod Port for adding interfaces like RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire or Ethernet for example.
  • Daughter board connector with 48 pins for adding prototype board or LCD display
  • Two 14 pin IDC connectors with power and 8 I/O ports each
  • Micro Match connector with I2C bus. Please note that this is a 3.3V I2C bus, and should NOT be used with our 5V serial LCD displays! Some users have however reported using a 3.3V I2C bus on our 5V serial displays successfully.
  • Red System LED on PIC port RB6.
  • Pin header with jumper that can be mounted in 3 positions: Park, "C" or "F". Software can determine what position jumper is in, and for example use "C" position to restore default configuration, and "F" position to update firmware via bootloader.
  • 2.1mm power connector for standard DC transformer.
  • Very low supply current of 10mA.
  • Has an ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector (ICPC1 type) - CPU can be programmed and debugged in circuit. For details see Programming Modtronix PIC based boards.
  • Free fully functional MPLAB C18 C Compiler available from www.microchip.com
  • Is part of our Presto product range, can be used together with other Presto products. For details, click here.
  • Wide operating voltage range from 4.5V to 30V (can be extended to 40V on request).
  • Wide operating temperature of -40 to 85°C.
  • RoHS Compliant, Lead Free


Adding a Daughter Board to the SBC83I
The Daughter Board connector can be used as an expansion port to add additional functionality. It contains most of the free CPU port pins, power, I2C, SPI, RS232 signal, and more.

The following Daughter Boards for the SBC83I are currently available from Modtronix Engineering:
  • PD216LCD - LCD Display with buttons, LEDs and buzzer
  • PT24I - Prototype Daughter Board
  • PT24IP-TBPCB - Prototype Daughter Board with Terminal Block Connectors
  • PT24IP-TBPLUG - Prototype Daughter Board with Pluggable Terminal Block Connectors

Click on image to enlarge!

Adding iMod modules to the SBC83I

The 3 iMod Ports can be used to add Modtronix Presto iMod Modules. Presto iMod Modules are small boards, normally with a communication interface like RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire, Ethernet and others. For currently available iMod Modules, click here or contact us to request a custom iMod Module. When purchasing iMod Modules together with this board, they will be discounted 50 to 60%! For details on iMod Modules and Ports, click here. See "Available Options" at the bottom of this page to add iMod Modules to this board. For example, to order a SBC83I board with an Ethernet Port and two RS-232 ports, select the in28J60 module as an option for iMod Port 1, and the im232M RS-232 module for iMod Port 2 and 3.

The sMod port can be used for adding serial peripherals, like SRAM, FLASH, EEPROM or others. A sMod module is a small board with I2C and SPI peripherals on it.

Click on image to enlarge!

Additionally, users can download PCB templates for creating their own Compact Daughter Boards from our Downloads page.

Adding a LCD Display and Keypad to the SBC83I
The PD216LCD LCD Display daughter board plugs into the daughter board connector of the SBC83I. It has a backlit 2x16 line LCD display, 4 buttons, 2 LEDs and a buzzer.
Click on image to enlarge!

 Example Projects

Example projects for the SBC83IL and SBC83I SBC boards can be downloaded below. All code is written in C, and can be compiled using the free Microchip MPLAB IDE and MPLAB C18 Compiler (free student or lite version). The project contained in the “..\demos\pd162lcd” folder shows how to use the LCD display, buttons, LEDs and buzzer of the PD216LCD. The up and down button is used to scroll through menu options. The OK button is used to select a menu. The LCD contrast and backlight can be adjusted, and is stored in the external EEPROM of the SBC board (remembered after power is cycled). Picture 2 below shows the different screens of the sample program. Screens 2.1 and 3.1 are accessed by pressing OK on screen 1 and 2. This code can be used as a starting point for many projects, for example a Ethernet to RS-232 (or RS-485, 1-Wire..) interface converter with LCD menus.

Menu screens from example project in ..\demos\pd216lcd folder - click on image to enlarge!

 Documentation, Application Notes and Source Code

  Web PDF Data
SBC83I Datasheet and Schematics    
Microchip TCP/IP stack for the SBC83I    
Demo C Code, use with free Microchip MPLAB IDE and MPLAB C18 C Compiler  
Programming the SBC83I Board    
Details on Presto iMod Modules and Ports    

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This product consists of the SBC83I board, fully assembled and tested, as shown in the photo above!
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This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 22 March, 2009.
Please note, this is our OLD SITE!!!! It should be used for reference only!
To purchase product, please go to our new site at www.modtronix.com!
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Please note, this is our OLD SITE!!!! It should be used for reference only!
To purchase product, please go to our new site at www.modtronix.com!