Discounts on Modtronix Boards

The following discounts(*) are available for selected products on our site:

Quantity Discount
1-4 0%
5-19 10%
20-49 16%
50-99 24%
100+ 30%

Customers have to contact us and apply to receive the above mentioned discounts. We will get back to you ASAP (usually within a couple of hours) with the outcome of your request. Please also include your address and preferred shipping and payment details in your request.

(*)The discount is applied to the regular price of the product. The discount applies to boards only, which is defined as everything soldered onto the main PCB. This will include optional crystals and frontend connectors, but does not included any optional chips added to the board.

Discounts are only available to selected customers. Depending on your location, some customers might be requested to deal with one of our distributors in their local area!