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Please note, this is our OLD SITE!!!! It should be used for reference only!
To purchase product, please go to our new site at www.modtronix.com!
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We specialize in modular microcontroller based hardware and software solutions - specially for the PIC microcontroller from Microchip.
All our products have a 15 day money back satisfaction guarantee! Products can be purchased online via our site. Simply add the products you want to your shopping cart, checkout, and within 2 working days your order will be shipped! Alternatively you can purchase through our worldwide distributors.
New for 2011, TNT has been added as a shipping method. They provide a Door-to-Door service, take care of any required customs procedures, and deliver to your door for a low rate starting at $25! For details click here.

Check out our current MAY SPECIALS!

  • !!! HOT !!! SBC44UC Single Board Computer with plenty of Digital and Analog inputs/outputs and USB for USD29.95 in stead of USD49.95!   !!! HOT !!!
  • SBC28PC-IR2 and SBC28PC-IR4 SBC boards with RS-485, RS-232 and CAN Bus for USD19.95 in stead of USD27.95!
  • SBC83IL SBC with 80 pin PIC and expandable with multiple RS-485, RS-232, 1-Wire and more - now USD29.95 in stead of USD42.95!
  • SBC44B SBC board with RS-232, RTC, EEPROM and more for USD24.95 in stead of USD39.95!
  • LCD2S-204FHA Serial 20x4 Character LCD Module with I2C and SPI ports for USD24.95 in stead of USD39.95!
  • LCD2S-162YHY and LCD2S-162YHA Serial 16x2 Character LCD Modules with I2C and SPI ports for USD19.95 in stead of USD33.95!
Our range of Ethernet boards start at just USD55.00. All boards are programmed with our free Modtronix TCP/IP stack and have a web based interface. All source code is provided for fee, and can be modified using free C compiler and MPLAB IDE from Microchip. Custom web pages can be uploaded to the board. Tags in web pages can be used to monitor inputs. Accepts commands via UDP or HTTP for configuring the board and controlling outputs. For details, click here.
Our new SBC44UC board has a full speed USB interface, and is assembled with the PIC18F4550 PIC chip from Microchip. It is programmed with a bootloader. It has been designed to work with the free Microchip USB Software. It has 33 user programmable I/O ports, ADC inputs, PWM outputs and more. Power can be provided by the USB bus, or an external power supply. For details, click here.
MicroX Product Range - 5V Microchip PIC Boards
Our 5V MicroX product range consists of modular PIC based single board computers(SBC) and expansion boards. This highly modular design allows you to quickly and economically realize your microcontroller based project by combining different boards. More Information........
Presto Product Range - 3V3/5V Microchip PIC Boards
Our mixed 3.3V/5V Presto product range consists of modular PIC based single board computers(SBC) and expansion boards. This includes the very modular iMod Modules allowing highly customizable solutions at an economical price. Details on iMod modules here.
PIC Microchip Prototyping Boards
Prototyping is made easy by combining a prototype board with a single board computer(SBC). The advantages are that the two boards are separate, and if a new prototype is required, the SBC can be plugged onto a new prototyping board. Enclosures are available for the PT10E-ASM and PT24E-ASM boards.
Custom Product Design and OEM
Our products are designed to be very modular, which enables easy customization at an affordable price! Custom solutions are often possible combining existing product with a small custom add-on board. For example, a custom I/O board controlled via Ethernet can be implemented using a standard SBC65EC board with a modified version of our PT24E-ASM (with custom I/O), and can be mounted in an enclosure.
Serial and Standard LCD Displays
We stock a large range of Serial (I2C/SPI) and Standard Character and Graphic LCD modules, ready for worldwide shipping at discount prices!
Terminal Block Connectors
We are expanding our range of Terminal Block Connectors. Our range of Pluggable Terminal Blocks include 3.5 and 3.81mm headers, and 3.5 and 3.81mm plugs. Our range of PCB Mount Terminal Blocks include 2.54, 3.5, 3.81, 5.00, 5.08mm connector.
PIC Programmers and Debuggers
We stock many genuine Microchip Programmers and Debuggers
Microchip PIC Microcontrollers
We have a large range of PIC12, PIC14, PIC16, and PIC18 PIC Microcontrollers in stock. Place your online order now and have them shipped anywhere in the world for only USD3.00!
   News             (Previous News)
Previous News
2 June 2013 - Added the SBC66UAL Single Board Computer with USB Host and iMod Ports. Can be controlled via Android phone or Tablet.
21 September 2012 - Added a couple of new Prototyping Boards to our Netcruzer range of products.
21 September 2012 - Added Hardware and Enclosures to our Netcruzer range of products.
19 September 2012 - Added the SBC66ECL Single Board Computer with Ethernet and USB to our Netcruzer range of products.
6 July 2012 - New version of Firmware for SBC66EC available, with support for writing to LCD2S serial LCD displays. See Forum for details.
5 July 2012 - Our new SBC66EC boards will be back in stock from next week again.
30 May 2012 - Launched new website for SBC66EC and future SBC66 boards, now called Netcruzer range. New site also includes new firmware and documentation. Added USB Bootloader for upgrading firmware, USB Terminal for debugging and communicating with board, and ability to update web pages and firmware via the web server.
4 May 2012 - Added the PT02TC prototype board specially designed for the SBC66 range of boards, like the SBC66EC and future SBC66 boards.
24 October 2011 - We have received the first batch of SBC66ECL boards, a new low cost version of the SBC66EC board. Will sell for USD55 to USD39.95 depending on quantity. Will soon be adding it to our online shop.
24 October 2011 - We are currently sold out of all LCD2S products, and will get new stock in about 2-3 weeks time (latest middle October). Please note that any orders for LCD2S related products received now (LCD2S-204, LCD2S-162BIY, LCD2S-204YHY, ...), will ONLY SHIP in October when we get new stock!
24 March 2011 - New SBC66EC board with 10/100 Mbit/sec Ethernet and USB port is now available.
4 March 2011 - TNT International Express has been added as a shipping method. This is a Door-to-Door service, which will make it much easier for customers in countries with complex customs procedures (Europe, South America). TNT will do all customs paper work for you, and deliver the parcel to your door for as low as $25! For details click here.
2 March 2011 - Added new CAN Bus Driver board for our range of MicroX board. For details, see MXD1CAN product page.
24 February 2011 - First of two new 10/100 Mbit/sec Ethernet board (with Micro USB) has gone into production. For details see our forum.
11 October 2010 - Check out our current special on SBC28PC-IR2, SBC28PC-IR4 and MXD2R boards!
28 May 2010 - Added range of PD216LCD LCD Daughter boards with buttons, LEDs and buzzer.
4 January 2010 - We are open again after the Christmas and New Year holiday. All orders received during this time will be shipped this week. Due to backlog, new orders might not ship within normal 1-2 days lead time. Will be fully staffed and back to normal next week.
4 August 2009 - Released V1.4 of DEVKIT44B Development Kit - new features, and uses latest version of MPLAB and HI-TECH Free C Compiler.
16 June 2009 - Ported the new Microchip TCP/IP stack to work with our SBC83I board. For details, see our forum.
5 June 2009 - Released new firmware V1.40 for Serial SPI/I2C LCD Daughter Board. Added "Configure Device" command for configuring device with single command at power up.
29 May 2009 - Released SBC65EC V3.10 firmware, supporting IOR5E and MXD2R I/O boards, and configurable to send UDP events. New Firmware here, documentation here, details on IOR5E integration here, and MXD2R integration here.
23 March 2009 - Added the SBC83I, a powerfull SBC board using the PIC18F87J11, and running at 48MHz. It has a 3.3V Switch Mode power supply, 64KBit EEPROM, 4MByte Flash, 32KByte SRAM, RTC with SuperCap and much more.
20 March 2009 - Added the SBC83IL, a new very powerful, yet low cost 3.3V SBC board using the PIC18F87J11, and running at 48MHz.
17 March 2009 - Added new 3.3V SBC boards with RS-232, RS-485 and 1-Wire ports, for details see SBC83IL-D485M, SBC83IL-D232, and SBC83IL-1W28.
16 March 2009 - Added many new prototyping boards for our Presto range of SBC Main Boards.
24 February 2009 - The new SBC83I and SBC83IL boards have arrived, and will replace the current SBC83I-J10 and SBC83I-J11 boards (are compatible). Remaining stock discounted by 50%!
9 February 2009 - Added the Microchip ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger to our product list. The PICKit 2 programmers are also in stock again.
14 October 2008 - Second Beta release of V3.10 firmware for SBC65EC now available. For details, see forum.
26 September 2008 - Added many new Terminal Block Connectors to our product range.
19 September 2008 - Added the in485P and in485P-M RS-485 Interface Module with Terminal Block connector to our Presto iMod product range.
12 September 2008 - New V3.10 Beta firmware for SBC65EC has been placed on our server. For details, see forum.
11 September 2008 - We have bought a new business premises, and are currently in the process of fitting it out, and will soon be moving in. It has much more space, and we will be adding many more products! All orders will be processed as normal during this time.
2 July 2008 - Added new 16MBit and 32MBit serial Flash, 256kBit serial SRAM, and EEPROM chips.
16 June 2008 - Added new 2x16 and 4x20 line FSTN LCD displays to our product range.
23 April 2008 - Added the highly anticipated SBC83I-J10 Single Board Computer with PIC18F87J10 CPU, External FLASH, SRAM, RTC, DC/DC Converter and up to 3 interfaces like Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, 1-Wire and more.
15 April 2008 - SBC65EC and SBC44UC boards with Ethernet, USB and RS232 are back in stock and temporarily on special!
14 March 2008 - Added the Microchip PICDEM 2 Plus, PICDEM 4, and Explorer 16 Development Boards.
12 March 2008 - Added the in28J60 Ethernet Module with SPI bus and PoE circuitry to our Presto iMod product range.
11 March 2008 - Added the im232M RS-232 Interface Module with RJ-45 connector to our Presto iMod product range.
3 March 2008 - Added the first of the new Presto iMod modules, the im1WP 1-Wire Interface Module with I2C bus. Also added a cable and adapter to Presto products.
4 February 2008 - We have completed development of the first modules to be released of our new Presto range of Press-Fit Electronic Modules. These modules are currently in the process of getting manufactured, and will be available in a couple of weeks time. Small quantities for prototyping are available now on request. For additional info and photos, see forum.
26 October 2007 - We are currently developing a whole new range of boards, our Presto Range of Electronic Modules with Press-fit connectors. It consists of 3.3V and 5V boards with Ethernet, PoE, RS232, RS485, CAN Bus, 1 Wire and other interfaces. Modules feature press-fit connectors, allowing them to be added to the target board without soldering. For details, see forum.
13 July 2007 - Added MXD2R new Relay/Input/Output daughter board.
18 June 2007 - Our new SBC44UC Single Board Computer with Full Speed USB interface, PIC18F4550 and dual power is now in stock. It is shipped with a bootloader and example projects. No PIC programmer required!
18 May 2007 - Added 150mm and 300mm Micro Match Cables , and 12 button and 16 button matrix keypads.
17 May 2007 - Our new SBC44UC Single Board Computer with Full Speed USB interface, PIC18F4550 and dual power has gone into production. Expected availability is end of May.
11 May 2007 - Released new version of Modtronix Network Bootloader.
9 May 2007 - Released new version of Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server and Modtronix SBC68EC Web Server. This new version contains heaps of new features, like UDP commands, controlling PWM outputs and more configuration options via the web interface.
5 February 2007 - Added new range of 3.81mm PCB Mount Terminal Blocks.
2 January 2007 - We have moved to a larger premises on the Gold Coast, for new address see our contact page.
24 November 2006 - Released new range of I2C/SPI Serial LCD displays with keypad encoder and user I/Os.
16 October 2006 - Released PGM2KIT programming adaptor. When used together with the PICkit 2 programmer it can program any Modtronix PIC based board!
10 October 2006 - Released new version of Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server and Modtronix SBC68EC Web Server. This new version has some minor bug fixes, and implements a DHCP client and NetBIOS, which makes it very easy to access on a network - no more configuration of static IP addresses are required!
21 September 2006 - Released new version of Modtronix SBC68EC Web Server and Modtronix SBC65EC Web Server.
20 September 2006 - Released new version of Modtronix Network Bootloader.
13 September 2006 - Added the new Microchip PICkit 2 low cost USB programmer.
1 September 2006 - Added new SBC board with RS232 interface for 28 pin PIC chips.
13 July 2006 - Added new LCD displays to our product range.
19 May 2006 - Released two new prototype boards in enclosures. See PT10E-ASM and PT24E-ASM for details.
17 May 2006 - Released first boards of new H-Series. All boards in this series can be used as OEM boards or in enclosures. For details click here.
5 May 2006 - Made a demo SBC65EC web server accessible via the internet - click here to view it.
21 February 2006 - New version of SBC65EC assembled with PIC18F6627 has replaced the old PIC18F6621 version. Firmware will however continue to support all hardware versions of the SBC65EC!
14 February 2006 - Added new 2x16 and 4x20 line LCD Character Modules.
20 January 2006 - Released new version of the Modtronix Web Server for the SBC68EC with an updated Modtronix TCP/IP stack and network bootloader.
15 January 2006 - Released a new version (V3.02) of the Modtronix Web Server for the SBC65EC. Also added many TCP/IP example programs, and a new versions of Netloader.
21 December 2005 - Released new version of the Modtronix Web Server for the SBC65EC with an updated Modtronix TCP/IP stack and network bootloader.
19 October 2005 - Added new range of Active GPS Antennas with MCX, MMCX and SMA connectors.
Please note, this is our OLD SITE!!!! It should be used for reference only!
To purchase product, please go to our new site at www.modtronix.com!

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